You Could Be the Next Medical Malpractice Target.

American health care practitioners are moving targets for personal injury lawyers. Doctor's Advocate offers medical malpractice help and frivolous lawsuit protection that can keep you in the exam room and out of the courtroom.

Prepaid Legal Services Overview

"My case dragged on for nearly two years, and Doctor's Advocate got it dropped in seven weeks. I recommend this program to every doctor as a means of fighting back and protecting their practice."

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Dr. Lynne Coslett-Charlton Pennsylvania Ob-Gyn & Doctor's Advocate member

Medical Malpractice Help & Frivolous Lawsuit Protection Services

Any physician who has been sued frivolously understands that once a lawsuit is filed, the damage is done. From hours spent out of the office in depositions and court to irreparable damage to hard-earned reputations to unrecoverable income loss, frivolous lawsuits cause tremendous personal anguish.

For less than the cost of a premium cup of coffee per day, you can have access to Doctor’s Advocate’s experienced, aggressive legal team that will fight for you immediately if you’re named in a frivolous lawsuit. And our prepaid legal program allows you to do what you do best – practice medicine with peace of mind.

Sham Peer Review & Disruptive Physician Behavior Assistance

The right way to have a medical malpractice case reviewed is by another physician who is a neutral party and has only the goal of improved quality medical care and the safety of the patient in mind.  This is peer review with a noble cause.  Sham peer review is when a physician reviews a medical malpractice case with bad intentions to cause damage to the defendant physician’s character and this peer reviewer does not have improved quality of medical care in mind.

Unscrupulous physicians can utilize sham peer review to try to remove good, quality physicians (whom they deem as competition) from their own way towards advancement.  Hospitals are even striking out against diligent physicians who are “whistleblowers” (uncovering the truth about medical malpractice) and using sham peer review to end their medical careers.

Disruptive Physician Behavior occurs when physicians have trouble dealing with relationships with other physicians and nurses and healthcare staff.  The medical profession can have its share of stressors and it’s not unexpected to have some physicians display this disruptive behavior.

The problem comes into play when you are a physician who is a victim of Sham Peer Review or who has been falsely accused of Disruptive Physician Behavior?  Where do you turn to for help?  Doctor’s Advocate can assist you.




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