Medicare Fraud: What are we doing about it?

Medicare fraud is a real issue that needs to be dealt with.  Tax payer money is being wasted and given out like candy to Medicare fraud perpetrators because the system is broken.  The administration has hired contractors to work as private investigators to locate perpetrators of Medicare fraud; however, this process, which should not take so long, is taking a very long time.  According to Congressional investigators, these hired contractors are taking up to 178 days or longer on an average investigation.  This is too long and the trail will go cold on finding those fraudulent perpetrators.

Already $835 million has been wasted in this Medicare fraud and only $55 million has been recovered by these hired contractors.  That is not enough.  Apparently, the current Administration is trying to reorganize the contracts so that these hired contractors can better communicate with those processing claims and those in law enforcement.

Something needs to be done because this is tax payer money that is being wasted.  For more on this, read the report,

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