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Doctor’s Advocate was founded by physicians in 2005 in Pennsylvania, one of the country’s fiercest medical malpractice battlegrounds. Attorneys in the state were making a habit of naming multiple physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to claims – sometimes even those individuals who never saw the patient bringing the suit. Our goal was to eradicate this epidemic, as we were seeing several colleagues go through draining legal battles that cost significant time and money.

Our founders included Dr. Elliot Menkowitz, a well-respected orthopedic surgeon, and other physicians and legal personnel. Focusing strictly in medical malpractice, we visited and collaborated with hundreds of physicians across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Florida, and other states. We were successful in getting various lawsuits dropped for doctors in an array of specialties, from orthopedics to obstetrics/gynecology to general practice.

In 2014, at the request of our physician partners, we expanded our service line to include legal aid in the areas of workers’ compensation, employment practices liability, and general liability.

We are proud to have protected countless physicians from depositions, court appearances, reputation damage, financial loss, and personal anguish over the years. We remain committed to fighting on the behalf of all healthcare professionals.

Our goal is unwavering: Keeping physicians in the exam room and out of the courtroom.

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