Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have malpractice and other insurance policies, so why join Doctor’s Advocate?

A: Doctor’s Advocate is your most vital resource on your worst day – when lawsuit papers are served. We go beyond the efforts of your medical malpractice-appointed attorney, and you immediately have access to experts who can guide and advise you. Here are some other reasons to join:

  1. Working for You First: The interest of your medical malpractice carrier and the attorney it hires, as well as other insurance-appointed attorneys,  are frequently different from your interests.
  2. Seeking Fast Resolution: Lawsuits can drag on for five or more years. A private attorney from Doctor’s Advocate can help move the case along.
  3. Seeking Dismissal Immediately: A Doctor’s Advocate private attorney will demand that the lawsuit be dropped immediately, a tactic rarely used by the insurance company’s attorney.
  4. Peace of Mind: Two attorneys, from separate firms, working on your behalf gives you an advantage and peace of mind.
  5. Clear Communication: We provide extensive, personalized, and frequent  communication throughout the course of your case – from when the papers are served to when the lawsuit is dropped. There are no additional fees for this peace of mind.
  6. Additional Benefits: Membership allows you immediate access to top legal firms. In the event that your case is deemed not to be frivolous, you can retain top legal minds at substantially discounted rates.

Q: I am a nurse practitioner. Can Doctor’s Advocate still work for me?

A: Yes. Doctor’s Advocate fights for all healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, residents, and other allied professionals.

Q: Does the Doctor’s Advocate attorney replace my insurance company attorney?

A: No. The Doctor’s Advocate attorney works in conjunction with your appointed attorney.

Q: Am I allowed to have two attorneys represent me in a case?

A: Yes. You are allowed to have as many attorneys as you would like on a case.

Q: How much would it cost to hire separate private counsel?

A: A private attorney outside of Doctor’s Advocate could charge $25,000.00 or more to represent you, from the inception to conclusion of the case.

Q: Am I protected immediately after I subscribe to Doctor’s Advocate?

A: Yes. You are covered immediately after subscribing.

Q: What if I have an existing lawsuit, or have reason to believe that I may be sued?

A: We do work with non-members and new members who are sued in various ways, and many times we are able to help them immediately. If you believe that you might be sued, please contact us to discuss your case.

Q: Does the lawyer from Doctor’s Advocate communicate with my insurance company’s attorney about the case?

A: Your Doctor’s Advocate attorney will contact your insurance carrier’s attorney immediately upon being notified of the lawsuit. The Doctor’s Advocate attorney will be copied on all correspondence regarding your case.

Q: Does the lawyer from Doctor’s Advocate communicate with the plaintiff’s attorney?

A: Plaintiff’s attorney will be contacted immediately. If your case is deemed to be unmeritorious by the Doctor’s Advocate counsel, the Doctor’s Advocate counsel will demand that your case be dropped.

Q: Can the attorney from my insurance company refuse to represent me because I am a member of Doctor’s Advocate and have a private attorney?

A: No. Your insurance carrier must tender defense counsel to you, pursuant to the terms of your policy.

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