An Unanticipated Consequence of the health care overhaul

One of the unanticipated consequences of the current Administration’s health care overhaul is that insurance companies ceased dispensing certain policies for children.  At the end of 2010, insurers are required by the new health care law to provide coverage for children, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions.  Many major insurance companies are apprehensive that parents will refrain from getting coverage for their children until their children become ill, and then they’ll try to get them coverage.  Insurance companies are trying to abide by the new health care rules; however, if people will be working the system to get coverage only when they need it and then drop that coverage after the illness is gone, then this will hurt the insurance companies, as well as raise insurance costs for everyone.  State officials have brought this issue to the attention of the current Administration, but there has been no immediate response.

For more information, visit the article link below.  “Some insurers stop writing coverage for kids”

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