Are video games the wave of the future in medical school?

Should medical schools cater to this technologically driven age of medical students and utilize video games to teach current medical treatments and procedures?  The majority of medical students polled, have expressed a desire to learn through video games.  This is not so surprising since today’s medical students have grown up in the technical age of computers and video games and would rather read an eBook than a print book and use texting more than speaking on the phone.

Would these “online healthcare” simulators work to increase todays’ medical students’ learning levels?  There is some debate on the issue, but it could be a good idea to meet the students where they’re at.  Technology is all around us and older generations have needed to embrace this new technology or fear being left behind.  Working with students where they’re at, can have positive results for their medical education.  For further reading on this subject, read this article, Video Game Technology Embraced by Med Students: Survey

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