Are you confused by the healthcare reform law?

Are you confused by the healthcare reform law?  If you are, then you’re not alone.  Apparently, many Americans do not even know what is in this law and they are misinformed and uncertain about how this law will affect their futures.

Where does this miscommunication problem stem from?  The current Administration is not sending the message out correctly about this healthcare law.  People are afraid of change and need to know specifics about what is going on, especially as this affects the healthcare for them and their families.

One major issue that needs clarification is whether or not this new law will bring about a system of rationed healthcare.  Many people are unaware of the specifics about this law.  For example, there is now a new tax that has been added to those going to tanning salons; unless you go to a tanning salon in a gym.  Many people were unaware that this part of the law went into effect already.

The moral of this story is that everyone, especially members of congress and the current administration, should be better informed about this law so that they can properly inform all Americans.

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