Are you in jeopardy of a malpractice suit?

Should you worry about a lawsuit?  A recent AMA survey revealed that 95 out of 100 doctors who practice in the US will be sued at some point in their careers.  How comforting is that?  As a physician, that shouldn’t be very comforting to you.  As a patient, it doesn’t comfort me either.

Of course, if there is a true injustice done to a patient, I think that action should be taken against that physician who caused the injury to the patient.  However, malpractice lawsuit abuse has gotten out of hand in this country and many malpractice attorneys and unscrupulous patients are taking advantage of the system and working it, while ruining the lives and medical careers of good physicians.

The AMA survey further reveals that a higher percentage of physicians sued for malpractice are over the age of 55 as opposed to younger physicians.  They further point out that male physicians are more likely to be sued for malpractice than female physicians.  Pediatricians and family doctors were lower on the list of doctors being sued than general surgeons and obstetricians / gynecologists.

Where do you fit in this spectrum of physicians?  Have you been sued?  Do you feel that there is a strong possibility in your lifetime that you will be named in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

For more info, check out this AMA report, New AMA Report Finds 95 Medical Liability Claims Filed For Every 100 Physicians

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