As a physician, should you worry about privacy issues with your social networking sites?

In this modern age, is there a way to have privacy while still participating in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn?  Should physicians have social networking pages for themselves and for their practices?  Is this a good way to keep in touch with your patients and to market to a new patient base?  Or are there negative sides to promoting an online presence?

Anything you post on these online sites can come back to haunt you in the future.  Is it worth the time and effort to stay involved with your patients outside of the office and in this virtual world?  Where should you draw the line between social interactions with your patients, even if it’s only online?

Having an online presence for your practice can be helpful, if utilized in the right way; as a learning tool for your patients and a way to keep them advised on news within your practice and also as a way for them to ask you medical questions.

This is an interesting topic; for more information, read the article by Sara Michael of Physicians Practice.  “Privacy in a Social Media World…Do networking sites like Facebook present privacy problems of are they or are they a way to build community around your practice”

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