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Advice on living healthier lives

Living the life of a physician can be extremely hectic. Your job revolves around keeping patients healthy and many times you can forget about your own health. Doctors need me time too. When was the last time you took a mental health day?

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What are you thankful for?

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, what are you thankful for? Has this Thanksgiving given you a new perspective on life?

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What’s your schedule like?

What’s your schedule like? Do you find yourself attending many conferences and traveling across the country? Check out this interesting article from Dr. Gerald O’Malley, published in Physicians Practice.

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Is the web becoming a major referral source?

How do you get referrals for your practice? Are other physicians referring patients to your practice or are patients finding you through a web search?

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Do you know the decade’s “Top Hospitals?”

The Leapfrog Group has named the top hospitals for this decade. Do you know if your hospital is on this list? This survey began back in 2001. It rates hospital performance in the following areas: high-risk procedures and mortality rates; what resources are utilized for patient care, compared to the duration of patients’ stay and what the readmission rates are; how is the staffing and is it sufficient in the ICU and the use of “computerized physician order entry systems.”

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Will the Physical Exam Soon be Extinct?

These days, physicians seem to be trimming or completely removing the physical from their medical repertoire. Why are some physicians doing away with the physical? Is this bad for the patient and medicine in general? If the physical is becoming extinct, then what are physicians utilizing to evaluate their patients? They are looking to more tests and diagnostic procedures.

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What to do about sleep-deprived surgeons

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a commentary calling for policies to require informed consent from patients. This informed consent would need to be received before a healthcare professional (who is working under sleep deprivation) provides medical care or performs surgery.

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What’s your Efficiency Quotient?

How smoothly does your practice run? Are you pleased with your practice’s efficiency quotient? There is usually room for improvement, but do you know what ways you can improve? It takes an in-depth look into your current status to collect data and measure progress; this will help in creating ideas to improve your practice’s efficiency.

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To Vaccinate or Not

What’s your opinion on vaccinations? It’s a hot issue for many parents. Some are strongly adamant against getting their children vaccinated while others are eager to have it done.

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A Doctor’s Story

Doctor’s story—what’s your story?  Dr. Jennifer Frank shares her “unexpected” and “important role” as an “intermediary.”  Are you curious yet… Check out her story from this Physicians Practice article My Unexpected, Important Role: Intermediary  

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