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Have you been represented by a med-mal lawyer assigned by your malpractice insurance company only to find he or she did not necessarily have your best interests in mind?

If so, you are not alone. Physicians and health care providers across the country have been forced into out-of-court settlements for malpractice they did not commit, or have had their cases dragged out as their defense attorneys racked up billable hours.

Take a moment to share your experiences. Your anonymous voice could help change the service the health care community receives by insurer-appointed defense attorneys.

At the end of the survey, you will have the opportunity to request Doctor’s Advocate to formerly report dissatisfactory service you received by the attorney to your insurer.

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  15. Your Experience
  16. Were you satisfied with the overall service by your attorney?
  17. Did your case go to trial?
  18. Did your attorney pressue you to settle out of court?
  19. Did you prefer to NOT settle out of court?
  20. If yes - did you prevail?
  21. Did your attorney keep you informed of your case's status to your satisfaction throughout the entire process?
  22. Do you feel your attorney dragged out the case as he or she racked up billable hours?
  23. Would you recommend your attorney to a friend?
  24. Do you want Doctor's Advocate to contact you so we can begin the process of reporting your attorney's conduct to your insurer?

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