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What’s your schedule like?

What’s your schedule like? Do you find yourself attending many conferences and traveling across the country? Check out this interesting article from Dr. Gerald O’Malley, published in Physicians Practice.

Is the web becoming a major referral source?

How do you get referrals for your practice? Are other physicians referring patients to your practice or are patients finding you through a web search?

What’s your Efficiency Quotient?

How smoothly does your practice run? Are you pleased with your practice’s efficiency quotient? There is usually room for improvement, but do you know what ways you can improve? It takes an in-depth look into your current status to collect data and measure progress; this will help in creating ideas to improve your practice’s efficiency.

Is Your Practice Cluttered?

Is your practice cluttered with “stuff”? Do you have magazines and periodicals and posters and other supposedly helpful information out for patients to read and occupy their time until they see you? Is the material that you leave out for patients to read, educational in nature? Dr. Melissa Young shares her thoughts on this subject. You can […]

Dealing with burnout

Have you figured out the way to deal with physician burnout?  Do you have the right motivation to keep going and practicing medicine? Check out Dr. Kevin Radbill’s story on how he stays passionate about practicing medicine.  Am I Too Young to Burnout?

How would you Rate the Staff at your Practice?

Are you happy with the staff at your practice or do you think you could use some new help? Are your employees on Facebook more often than the billing program? Do you hear more chatting going on than productive work, like checking in and scheduling patients?

Dealing with Physician Burn-out

As a physician, how do you deal with burn-out issues? As a practice manager, how do you help your physicians to deal with burn-out? This is a very good article from Physicians Practice that deals with this subject and helps practice managers assist their physicians during this stressful time and how they can cultivate a […]

Medical Homes ~ An interesting take from one doctor

Take a look at the following article featuring Xavier Sevilla, MD, who is a pediatrician at Whole Child Pediatrics. That facility is a patient centered medical home, delivering care to 3,400 patients. This medical center is located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Interesting article from Physicians Practice

Interesting article from Physicians Practice

Are retail clinics in competition with primary care providers?

Health clinics located in retail stores are less expensive and possibly more convenient for patients than primary care providers; however, are they just as beneficial for patients? Do the patients who frequent the retail clinics utilize these facilities for normal health concerns and not for more excessive health risks and illness? Some argue that retail health clinics can take away business from primary care providers; although on the other side of the fence, some claim that these retail clinics can provide referrals for those primary care providers…so this could be a good cycle of networking, right?