Do you know PA Law Regarding Filing Complaints?

In Pennsylvania, did you know that if you file a disciplinary complaint against your former attorney, you are prohibited from telling anyone else about it according to PA Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement 209 and 402?  You are free to discuss the facts of the case and the reasons why you are dissatisfied with your attorney; and of course, you can tell your new attorney that you filed that complaint…just no one else.

Does this sound reasonable to you?  Maybe, maybe not.  However, do you know that when a complaint is filed against a Pennsylvania physician or health care professional, the case caption, case number and date it was filed is listed in the Philadelphia Business Journal each week.

So, in other words, everyone is allowed to know that a complaint has been filed against you.  Sounds like a double standard.

You can read the PA Rules here, Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement 209 and 402

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