Federal law versus State law in regard to healthcare

The GOP supported a healthcare amendment for the November ballot and this amendment has been shut down by a Florida judge; he claimed that the wording was misleading to the voters.  The GOP amendment set out to ban the state so that it could not take part in the aspect of the healthcare law which would call for citizens to purchase insurance or get a penalty if they decide not to carry a health insurance policy.

The GOP claimed that this amendment would “ensure access to healthcare services without waiting lists, protect the doctor/patient relationship, and guard against mandates that don’t work.”

The judge declared that this wording could confuse voters and cause them to believe that they will never again have to wait in a doctor’s waiting room.  His main issue with this GOP amendment on the ballot is that the “actual proposed amendment does not guarantee,” those things.  To read more on this issue, Fla. judge strikes proposed health care amendment

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