Has your wait time at the ER increased?

Across the US, patients are waiting in Emergency rooms longer than ever before.  “From arrival until discharge, patients spend an average of 4 hours, 7 minutes in emergency departments—a four-minute increase from 2008.”  In Utah, the average wait is 8 ½ hours.  However, 17 states were able to significantly reduce ER wait times, by more than 1 hour from the total time in 2008.

Some of the techniques these hospitals are utilizing to facilitate patient approval is to better understand the patient’s idea of care and how they want to be treated.  Patients are satisfied with medical facilities when they properly identify issues to patient care and satisfaction and make the necessary steps to improve on those faults.  Good hospital management, which includes culpability and the ability to reward those who are doing a good job.  The main concern of patients is that medical and facilities management is flowing properly, so that their wait times are reduced and the issues are attended to in a timely manner.

To read more on this issue, check out the article link below.  “Wait times at emergency departments continue to increase nationwide”

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