Have you “embraced” the change yet?

How are you feeling so far now that we’re five months into this health reform system?  Have you embraced the change yet?  Well, the White House is asking you and every American physician to embrace this new health reform system.  Is that something that you can do?  Where do you find yourself in regard to this matter…which side of the fence are you on?

Some people feel that the change involved in this new health care system will be better for the American people.  Others feel that to fully embrace this change, the sole practicing physicians will soon be obsolete as many will group together into physician groups and hospitals and eventually, if you believe the truly grim picture, physicians will no longer be privatized, but will work for the government.

What do you believe?  Can you fully embrace the change the Obama Administration wants you to embrace?  Read this engaging article by Keith L. Martin, White House Asks Physicians to “Embrace” Change

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