Is judicial mediation the answer to cutting medical malpractice costs?

There is a new pilot program in effect in NYC that will utilize a different approach towards cutting medical malpractice costs.  There are approximately 900 med-mal cases pending in New York.  With this program, NY hospitals will try to cut those costs by revealing malpractice errors promptly and then proposing settlements and utilizing “special state health courts;” this is where judges will mediate before the cases are sent to trial.

Is this the answer to cutting medical malpractice costs?  Hospitals currently give patients settlements when warranted by errors that occurred.  However, this program creates an altered tactic by providing a venue for agreeing parties to present before the judge for mediation of the dispute.  According to hospital and state officials, this pilot program is supposed to cut the $1.4 billion spent every year on medical malpractice premiums.

To read more about this issue, see the article link below.  “Slashing medical malpractice costs with judge-mediated negotiation”

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