Is there a communication problem between doctors and patients?

Doctors are not communicating as well with their patients as they think they are, according to recent studies.  One of the major issues that patients have while they are in the hospital is they don’t know the names of their doctors.  Not only don’t they know their names, but they have difficulty pronouncing them.  It seems as if many doctors do not realize this miscommunication problem between them and their patients.  Another problem is that contrary to what most hospital physicians think, most patients do not know what their diagnosis is, nor do they properly understand their diagnosis.

This can become a real issue for patients to build that trust between themselves and their hospital physician.  Trusting a hospital physician is not as easy as learning to trust your family doctor, for example, because you obviously have more of a rapport with your family doctor since you see him or her more often when you come in for annual checkups etc.  However, hospital physicians should strive to mesh a professional attitude with one that allows patients to feel comfortable with them enough that the patients feels free to ask questions about their prognosis and other medical issues pertaining to their situation.

Keeping up with the patient load and increased responsibility in the hospital setting is great, but it is vitally important to cultivate that doctor patient relationship, even in the hospital.  Communication Discrepancies Between Physicians and Hospitalized Patients

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