Is this a political maneuver?

Recent polls advocate that senior citizens do not have as much of a favorable view of the new health care law as younger adults.  That being said, the current Administration has put a new commercial on TV to promote President Obama’s health care law.  Andy Griffith, star of the classic TV shows “Matlock” and “The Andy Griffith Show,” stars in this 30 second commercial; he tries to calm the fears of senior citizens, explaining that the health care law will not change their current benefits.

This seems like a political maneuver from the Obama administration to increase support for the new health care law among senior citizens; however, Medicare advised the AP that the commercial is not political, only informative for seniors.

You’ll see this commercial run on the following channels:  CNN, the Weather Channel, Hallmark and Lifetime.  Of course, these are popular channels with seniors.  This seems more like a political move than an informative one, but that’s a call for you to make.  For more information, you can see the following article posted on the CBS website, Andy Griffith pitches health care law in T.V. Ad

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