Member Benefits

Keeping you in the Exam Room

From depositions to calls with lawyers, any time you have to spend out of the office costs money and increases stress. We take care of all the details with your case so you can continue to take care of your patients.

Aggressive Med-Mal Attorney

A personal attorney from our aggressive law firm is immediately appointed to fight hard for you from day one. Your personal attorney will build a case to prove that the lawsuit against you is frivolous, and then seek your dismissal from the case as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Partner

We’ll work with your medical malpractice insurance company to ensure proper and personal handling of your case. Our main goals are getting your case dismissed quickly and collaborating with the insurer to withdraw or reduce policy changes.

Peace of Mind

We’ll provide you with extensive communication from the date of engagement to the date your lawsuit is terminated. This gives you the freedom to practice medicine with peace of mind.

Our members are willing to speak with any healthcare professional interested in how Doctor’s Advocate can help you.

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