New approaches to patient-specific marketing

As a patient, how would you like your experience at a hospital to become more like your experience as a customer on  Hospitals are trying a new approach to “patient-specific marketing.”  Is this a good thing or not?

If you’re a member of one of chain grocery stores that reward customer loyalty, they have similar programs, giving customers coupons for products similar to what they buy when they get their receipt for the current purchase.  Should hospitals utilize this same marketing approach to their patients?

Hospitals have tracked patient data for a long time already to promote a better doctor-patient relationship.  The difference now is that by using CRM or “customer relation management strategy” software, hospitals will now be able to utilize this collection of patient data to “create targeted mailing campaigns, phone banks and even personalized Web content.”

Check out the link below to read more on this subject.  “Hospitals try new approach to patient-specific marketing”

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