New imaging referral rules to take effect next year

There is another rule coming out with the new health care overhaul.  When a physician refers a Medicare and Medicaid patient to one of their “in-house” imaging machine centers, they must disclose to those patients that they own the equipment.  In conjunction with that disclosure, they also must provide the patients with a list of 10 alternate centers within the local area (25 miles or less) where they can go to get the imaging done.  This rule will take effect next year.

The reason for this rule is to tighten the belt on physicians’ offices referring patients with Medicare and Medicaid to their own imaging centers.

Those in favor of “in-house” scanning claim that this allows physicians to work more closely with the technicians and to get the test results quicker so that they can help their patients faster.  Critics claim that this “in-house” scanning should be banned through this new healthcare rule because such a process leads to excessive testing and increased Medicare spending.

Maybe if the Government caught Medicare and Medicaid fraud perpetrators, they could lessen those costs that way.  To read more on this issue, Health Law Changes Rules For Docs With In-House Imaging Machines

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