Should Physicians share medical notes with their patients?

Should patients be able to read their doctor’s notes on office visits?  This may seem like a good idea for patients to read what their physician is writing in his or her notes about their personal health and well-being.  However, what happens when a patient has access to these notes and does not understand any abbreviations or “doctor-speak” that could possibly make up a good portion of those notes?

On one hand, the patient may overlook some of that jargon and just peruse the general data and be fine with that.  Another scenario might be that the patient will get offended over reading such an acronym, SOB, which means “shortness of breath.”  If there are questions over these notes, it could cause doctors to spend more time and effort explaining away their notes to the patient, which takes away from the actual time that they are giving in patient care.

For more information, click on the link to read about this issue:  “Pros and cons of sharing doctors’ notes with patients”

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