Utilizing text messages to learn wait times in the ER

Hospitals are now utilizing technology to keep patients informed of wait times in the ER.  MetroWest Medical Center in Boston is now one of the hospitals added to the list of those utilizing text messages to keep patients informed of long wait times in the ER.

This process works by hospitals allowing patients to text in to the service to learn the wait times.  The ER wait times will be immediately texted back to the patient making the inquiry.  This service was designed so that performance in the ER could be improved and the hospital would have better marketability.  Obviously, this service is designed to be utilized by patients with urgent complaints, like abdominal pain, serious headaches, broken bones, but not by patients with serious and life threatening injuries.  For more information on how this service is or isn’t working at MetroWest Medical Center, check out this article, Hospital starts texting service for ER wait times

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