Will the Individual Mandate hold up in court?

One of the key parts of the new healthcare law is that Americans will be required to carry insurance coverage, even if they do not want to carry such coverage; if they don’t they will be fined.  This may seem like a way for all Americans to have healthcare, which is great, but how can the government force a citizen to buy health insurance?  Yes, it’s mandated to carry car insurance if you want to drive; however, forcing Americans to carry health insurance is overstepping boundaries because they cannot make its citizens purchase a service from a private business, like health insurance companies.

More than twenty states are challenging the Federal Government in regard to implementation of this law, citing States’ rights.  Of course, physicians want to have patients who are insured because those patients will make regular doctor’s visits and the physicians will get paid for their services.  However, most physicians probably agree that every American has the right to not be forced into something by the Federal Government.  It’s estimated that 32 million Americans do not have health insurance coverage.  If according to the mandate, they all purchased coverage by 2014; there are definitely not enough physicians to care for all of those new patients.  With the new healthcare law and all of the uncertainty regarding the policies, the number of physicians needed do not seem to be going into patient care as much as before.  For more on this issue, Diagnosis Looking Grim for Individual Mandate

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